Trent founded Whole Hearted productions in 2014, which was later absorbed by his second company Whole Hearted Pro AV LLC. He has been assisting Churches throughout Southern AZ with their Audio Video and Lighting needs since 2016.

Trent's love for all things Audio Visual started in College where he was able to do some pretty impressive events by utilizing very minimal gear. As soon as he finished college, he toured for almost three years with the Liberated Wailing Wall, a ministry of Jews for Jesus, as the bus driver and Sound Technician. During this time, he was in a different church every night, and worked with some amazing soundboards, and also observed a LOT of smaller church sound systems that needed some work. He was often able to improve those without any additional equipment, and his passion to help churches clearly present the message of salvation in Jesus was born. But God had other plans and sent him to the military at the age of 32 for 13 years.

While stationed at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson AZ, God gave Trent the green light to start Whole Hearted Productions which eventually became Whole Hearted Pro AV LLC. While our original dream was to assist churches with live events with our own sound and lighting equipment, we now spend most of our time assisting churches with their own systems. Even so, we have been continuing to build our live rental and production equipment inventory to facilitate a wide variety of events. Regardless of your needs, Trent is constantly studying, experimenting, learning new software, keeping up with equipment trends, and whatever else possible to ensure that your next challenge is met with excellence!


Dylan was born and raised in New York. He pursued a life in music, but God in his infinite wisdom had other plans before Dylan even knew who God was. However, his love for music was born during this time.

Dylan came to Jesus at the age of 25 and has been engaged in full time ministry since that time. In addition to being the production pastor at a large church in Phoenix, Dylan is also the founder of the Church Support Network, a company that provides web design and support, accounting services, graphic design services, and also assists churches with their worship and sound systems.

In 2018, Dylan started partnering with Whole Hearted Pro AV LLC for audio, video, and lighting projects. While we are able to bring things to Dylan's ministry, his vast experience is a key asset to Whole Hearted Pro AV LLC, and we are glad to have him working with us!

Whole Hearted Productions

Enabling Ministry through Technical Expertise
for the Glory of God

You may have found this site by looking for Whole Hearted Productions, the company that Trent started in 2014 to assist churches with their technical needs in order to enhance their ministry. Although we have changed the logo and we are starting to become more consistent with the Whole Hearted Pro AV LLC name, our heart to assist churches in their desire to proclaim the glory of God and the good news of Jesus has not gone away! We look forward to serving your congregation whether it is supporting a church plant with rental or new equipment, enhancing your outreach event with high quality audio and lighting equipment, troubleshooting or upgrading your sound system, installing an upgraded projection or TV system, installing a production camera and mixing system for your live-stream, upgrading your lighting system to DMX controllable LED fixtures, or other technical issues your church or ministry might face, we look forward to serving you.