All Your AV Rental Equipment, All From One Place

Rely on us for event sound and lighting in Tucson, Sierra Vista & Oro Valley, AZ

Whole Hearted Pro AV LLC understands the value of top-quality AV equipment. When you have an event, it's vital to have the right equipment. You can depend on us for the AV rental you need for your next event.

From small concerts and fundraisers to banquets and outreach events, we've got the event sound and lighting equipment to make your team shine. Our crew doesn't just rent out the equipment either we show you how to use it all so your event goes smoothly, or we operate it for you.

The next time you host an event in the Tucson, Sierra Vista & Oro Valley, AZ region, get your AV equipment from Whole Hearted Pro AV. Speak with us today to talk about what you need.

Check out our list of equipment

If you need event sound and lighting, we've got you covered. Take a look at what we have available for rent:

Sound Equipment -


  • WING 48 Stereo Channel Soundboard with 16 stereo AUX mixes, 8 Stereo Matrices, and 4 Stereo outputs.  REQUIRES DL32 as it only has 8 XLR and 8 TRS (1/4") inputs in the board.
  • 2x X32 digital soundboards
  • FLOW 8 compact 8 channel digital soundboard with 8-channel audio capture over USB and remote control from any phone or tablet)
  • 3x small analog boards (great for simple events)


  • Midas DL32 32×16 digital snake with 165′ cable reel
  • 100' 12x4 Analog snake
  • 50' 16x4 analog stage snake


  • 2x LD Systems CURV500 Touring System mini line arrays atop a powered 15” sub (which also powers the array speakers)--Used for wide rooms 
  • 4x QSC KW153 powered 3-way speakers--Used for Long rooms (or outdoors)
  • 4x QSC KW181 subwoofers
  • 4x QSC K12 Powered Speakers (can be used for small to mid-sized rooms or for monitors)
  • 2x QSC K10 10" powered speakers (can be used for monitors or small rooms)
  • 2x QSC K8 Powered Speakers (Small Wide Rooms)
  • 2x Presonus CDL12P very wide dispersion speakers
  • 2x LD Systems ICOA12A powered dual concentric speakers with rotatable horns (can be used for small to medium Sized rooms or as monitors)
  • 1x LD Systems CURV 500 PS with two mini line arrays atop two powered 10” subs with the main sub having a built in mixer with two microphone/instrument channels (with available effects) and a stereo line channel with instrument, stereo aux cable or built-in bluetooth
  • 4x Seismic Audio Monitor Wedges (with Amp Rack)


  • 8x Audio Technica System 10 digital wireless handheld mics (total of 8 Wireless Channels in any combination of handheld or bodypack microphones)
  • 4x Audio Technica System 10 Bodypack  (total of 8 Wireless Channels in any combination of handheld or bodypack microphones)
  • 1x Que Audio QA22 dual-ear headset (can be used with Audio Technica, Shure and Sennheiser bodypacks)
  • 1x Que Audio DA12 single ear earset mic (can be used with Audio Technica, Shure and Sennheiser bodypacks)
  • 4x Audio Technica Lapel Mics (used with System 10 Bodypacks)
  • 1x Sennheiser Drumkit 600 mic system
  • 2x Sennheiser e609 Side address guitar amp microphones
  • 1x Presonus PM-2 matched pair of Pencil Condenser Mics with optional T-Bar
  • 4x Galaxy Audio Choir Mics with 6' carbon fiber rods
  • Variety of wired vocal and instrument microphones

In Ear Monitors (IEMs)

  • 4x Presonus wired stereo IEM systems
  • 4x Shure PSM300 systems (Artists should bring their own Headsets or Earphones)


  • All necessary power and microphone cables and DI boxes and stands
  • 3500 Watt Inverter Generator with Breakout Cable (Powerful, but very quiet with very clean power)

Lighting Equipment -


  • Pathway Connectivity Cognito digital lightboard with 2 universes
  • ADJ Link 4 Universe controller
  • Chauvet Obey 40 (for small simple events)
  • 8-Channel optical DMX splitters


  • Moving Heads
  • 4x ADJ Focus Spot 5Z with two color wheels (including CTO), a rotating gobo wheel, two Frost, two rotating prisms, and zooming and focus--can be used for both effects as well as spotlights
  • 2x ADJ Focus Wash 400 RGBWAL Moving head 400W Fresnels
  • 4x ADJ Flex L7 7x40W RGBL Moving heads with 5-50 degree zoom (Beam, spot or wash), Has selectable white temperature channel 
  • 2x Eliminator Stryker Wash 18x12W RGBW Moving heads with 5-50 degree zoom and independent LED Ring conrol for eye candy effects
  • 1x ADJ FS3000 System 300W LED Followspot with stand
  • 2x Stagg Headbanger 7x12 RGBW moving wash light
  • Fresnels (zoomable wash type fixtures)
  • 2x 150W Warm white LED zoomable Fresnel’s (ADJ Encore FR150Z)
  • 2x 40W LED zoomable warm white Fresnel’s (Cameo TS40WW)
  • Ellipsoidals (focusable, zoomable, framable Long Throw fixtures)
  • 4x 120W Warm White LED Zoomable Ellipsoidal Fixtures (ADJ Encore Profile)
  • 2x 120W RGBW LED Zoomable Ellipsoidal Fixtures (ADJ Encore Profile)
  • 4x 50W zoomable frameable cold white ellipticals with color wheels (Chauvet LFS-75)
  • Pars (Wash Lights)--All have pretty wide pattern)
  • 4x 18×18 RBGWA-UV par cans with DMX controlled Zoom
  • 4x 18×18 RBGWA-UV par cans without zooming capability
  • 10x 7×12 RBGWA-UV par cans
  • Atmospheric and Effects Fixtures
  • 2x Swarm5 FX DMX controllable FX lights
  • 2X ADJ Furious 5 Effexts fixtures
  • 2x ADJ Fog Fury Jett Pro LED illuminated Fog Plume Fixtures
  • 2x ADJ Encore Burst 200 Crowd Blinders
  • 1x ADJ Entourage 1500W Faze Machine

Truss and Light Mounting Equipment

  • 4x DT-5200 16' 440lb capacity hand crank winchless truss lifts with height markings, covers and removeable handles
  • 8x 8.2' (2.5m) F34 (12" square) Truss Sections
  • 2x 30"x30" Truss Bases
  • 5, 10, or 15' Triangular 1.5" OD truss with 2x 10' crank stands
  • 4x 12' Light trees (4'x 1.5" cross bars)
  • 1x FS Pan Glides (enables you to use any Elipsoidal light on top of a speaker or lighting stand to create a follow spot light)
  • 1.5" and 2" Clamps in addition to 2" Cheesboroughs and Eyebolt clamps
  • All necessary power and 3-Pin and 5-Pin DMX cables and terminators

Video Equipment -

  • 2x 7,000 Lumen Epson 1080P 3LCD Laser Projectors with exchangeble lenses (currently have short throw (.87-1.05) lenses available)
  • 3,800 Lumen 1080P 3LCD Projector
  • 4,000 Lumen 1080P 3LCD Projector
  • 96” Tripod Screen
  • 2x 180" Screen (approximately 13 ' wide by 7' tall) with extendable legs
  • 2x 150" Dual (front or rear) projection screens (Approximately 10.5' wide by 7.5' tall)
  • 2x 120" Screens (have extendable legs or can be hung from truss) (Approximately 8.5' wide by 5' tall)
  • 4x Projector Screen Skirts
  • 2x 55" TV Monitors which can be used for confidence monitors or mounted to Rolling TV Stand or vertical truss
  • Roland V-1HD 4-channel HDMI video mixer
  • Canon XA20 20x optical zoom 1080p video camera with high-quality tripod stand
  • HDMI over CAT5 transmitters
  • HDMI over SDI adapters
  • CAT5, SDI, and HDMI cables
  • We also work with partners that have full multi-camera Livestreaming and recording rigs and multi-output ProPresenter rigs 

Pipe and Drape

  • 100 Horizontal Feet of 16' or 10' tall Pipe and Drape