The most important part of your AV system is the operator!

Technology is amazing! The power that was in a $100,000 analog board used on huge tours in the 90s is now in almost every digital soundboard available. But the skills of a professional touring sound technician are rarely found in local churches. Whole Hearted Pro AV is here to help!

We can troubleshoot and/or tune the system piece-mealed together over the years by volunteers and then explain how to use it as effectively as possible to your current volunteers. We can also provide basic training to help your crew be functional in:

Projection software
Video production
Full day Sound Seminar (see below)

We look forward to assisting your congregation utilize technology to the best of your abilities with the people you have available!

Sound Seminar

"Gentelmen, this is a football"

Vince Lombardi once took the Green Bay Packers into the locker room after a frustrating day and decided it was important to get back to the basics. So he stood in front of a professional football team, help up a pigskin and said, "Gentlemen, this is a football."

At Whole Hearted Pro AV, we are convinced that Sound Technicians should really understand what sound is in order to be the best technician they can be. So we have developed an all day sound seminar that covers four main areas:


1. The Science of Sound: We look at what sound is, how it operates in the real world and learn a lot of terminology that will be important for the rest of the day.  We also learn about how the science of sound impacts what the technician has to work with... as we say, "Physics matters!"


2. Getting from Point A to Point B: We discuss all of the components of the sound system to include the source and the listener and why it is important for sound techs to know how the system (and all of the components in it) works, and how it will impact what they do.


3. Mixology: While this is the stuff everyone wants to skip to, we believe it is important to discuss the first two sections first to have a good foundation for this class.  We discuss various types of inputs and outputs on the soundboard, gain structure, EQs, Compression, and Effects.


4. Hands on Training:  We usually combine this with the Mixology.  We use tracks that were previously recorded to demonstrate the effects of what is discussed in the Mixology class. 


We usually spend a day on this seminar at your church.  We look forward to helping your church next!  Call us at 855-947-7628 or contact us for more details and set up a seminar at your church.